7 Effective Yoga Poses for Depression and Anxiety to Cure

Some days, you may fear to get up in the morning and may fear to face the world. Despair takes over, you feel blank. That means you are in trouble. Depression is knocking on your door. Finding a solution sooner will be better. Does yoga help with depression? Yes, definitely! Yoga is regarded as depression reliever naturally. Dear viewers, here’s a list of 7 effective yoga poses for depression and anxiety that will help you do so.


Yoga Poses for Depression


What Is Depression?


Depression is a disorder that affects your brain. It’s your reaction to something gloomy, loss of someone, or sadness. When these feelings aggravate and become extreme, it occurs in a medical condition called clinical depression. If you are depressed, these symptoms consistently will appear within two weeks.


Symptoms of Depression:


  • Your attention decreases and indecision takes over.
  • All the hobbies and doings you liked previously now don’t seem attractive at all.
  • You will think about death and plan suicide.
  • You will feel unstable, twitchy or extremely dull and slow.
  • There will be a major change in your weight – too much weight loss or weight gain.


What Causes Depression?


If you become emotionally to do something over a period, and it does not exist anymore, or it leaves a gap, depression takes over to handle the loss. Genetics, fluctuation in the hormone levels, some health problems, post-surgery response, and higher stress levels also cause depression.


Yoga Poses for Depression Cure:


Yoga is a very effective way to enhance your mood and keep depression at bay. Yoga poses boost blood circulation to the brain and supports the creation of the mood-elevating hormones.

The practice of yoga does not have any adverse side effects, making it a much better choice as compared to other treatment for depression. A few yoga poses for depression is given below. Try them as a minimum of 12 weeks to get substantial changes. See how works yoga for anxiety and depression?

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7 Yoga Poses for Depression and Anxiety


# Balasana (Child Pose):


Balasana helps calm your brain and relieves tension. It gradually stretches your hips and lowers back, supporting your body to relax. Calm and peace prevail over your entire being, helps to manage your depression better.

Balasana is regarded as one of the most comfortable yoga poses. To do this pose, Kneel and sit on your heels. Confirm your big toes touch each other. Then, curve your torso forward, in between your divided thighs, with your face touching the ground.

Bring your arms forward and put them on both sides of your mind, with the palms facing down. Be in this place for a couple of minutes.


# Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward-Facing Dog Pose):


Urdhva Mukha Svanasana can easily cure mild depression and fatigue. It’s an overall restoring effect on your body, and all the strain trapped in your back will evaporate.

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana strengthens your upper body. To perform the asana, lie on the floor with your head down and legs after the same with the feet facing downward and a couple of inches apart. Bring your palms close to the chest on both sides, facing down.

Keep your palms close to your ribs. Lift your chest and straighten your arms and legs a few inches off the ground. Press the upper part of your feet firmly into the floor.

Keep your head directly or facing upward and your shoulders away from the ears and let your chest rise.


# Sethu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose):


Sethu Bandhasana makes stronger the back muscles and relieves back. It works wonders for the persons with stress and depression.

Sethu Bandhasana opens up your heart and makes comfort your mood. To do this pose, lie down on the ground on your back. Have your arms on the ground on either side with the palms facing down. Lift your legs by folding them in the knees.

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Make sure that the ankles and knees are in a straight, and the feet are a few inches apart. Then, gently lift your whole back off the ground and stay for a few seconds.

During this period, your thighs should be parallel to one another, and your torso should touch your jaw. Ensure you do not curve your chin.


# Halasana (Plow Pose):


Halasana decreases the strain on your back and develops your posture. It calms your mind, gives it a good stretch, and reduces stress. It keeps headaches and sleeplessness at bay.

Halasana is one of the best relaxing poses for your brain. Lie flat on your back by keeping along with your body. Pick your legs off the ground at 90 degrees angle to the floor. Then, keep your hands on your hips as support, lift your hips to your chest.

Gradually bring your legs down and take them over your head, touching the ground beyond your mind and placing your feet firmly on the floor.

Make sure that your thighs are straight to prevent them from touching your mind. Remove your hands from the hips, make straight your arms frontward, and place them on the floor with the palms facing downward.


# Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose):


Adho Mukha Svanasana helps to keep fresh blood circulation into your body. It stretches the cervical spine and neck, releasing the pressure in them, thereby dropping anxiety.

Adho Mukha Svanasana makes stronger your abdominal muscles and improves digestion. To perform the pose, make a posture of a table with your body. Use your legs and hands to create the legs of the table and your spine as the table top.

Now, make straight your knees and elbows, pushing upward and forming an inverted V-shape with your body. The palms should be shoulder-width apart, legs hip-width apart, and the feet pointing straight. Firmly press your palms to the floor and make straight your neck.

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Your ear should touch your inner arms. Keep your eye look at your belly button.


# Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold Pose):


Uttanasana relieves tension on your back, shoulders, neck and improves the functioning of your nervous system.
Uttanasana improves our blood circulation also. To do the pose, stand straight with your arms along your body and

your feet at arms’ length. Now, put your arms on your hips and bend forward at the hips.

Make your head and torso touch your thighs. Bring your hands down and keep them beside your toes or hold your ankles from behind.


# Savasana (Corpse Pose):


Savasana yoga for depression works in restoring your body to be relaxed. It decreases blood pressure and makes the previous poses to do better.

Savasana will make you relax as the body and mind as a refreshing poses. To perform the Savasana, lie on the ground on your backside. Have your feet some inches apart and allow them to fall sideways. Allow your arms lie alongside your body with your palms facing upward. Now, gently close your two eyes and let your whole body to relax, gently and slowly.

All the above-mentioned yoga poses for depression can help alleviate the emotional scars and deeply fix your physical and mental complication.

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